That first pause

It was difficult to let the 1128 day posting streak go. It was difficult… and then it wasn’t.

The new company has had me absolutely hopping lately, which is not a bad thing and I hope turns into some very good things. We’ll see.

So what else has happened that didn’t need it’s own post but here we are for the weekly update?

So I hit a big round milestone in Duolingo, I’m still working on the Conqueror challenges for virtual Yosemite (walking) and for virtual Great Barrier Reef (pedaling) and I’m reading my little head off.

The books I finished were:

  • ✓ The Paris Wife +
  • ✓ Parable of the Sower*
  • ✓ Angela’s Ashes +
  • ✓ Oryx & Crake
  • ✓ The Year of the Flood
  • ✓ MaddAddamm
  • ✓ Zoe’s Tale +

* re-read + was in process last time I posted

I have 3 more books in process now. Two are rather meaty and the heavier the subject the more I seem to need to parse it out and let sections simmer in my brain before I take on more. So I’m alternating those two and letting one fiction book lighten up the tone when my brain really needs a rest.

That wouldn’t always work; the Oryx and Crake series took me a long while to get into, but as the list attests they all needed reading immediately once I did. So nothing else got any time at all for that little while.

Also that postcard for the Yosemite challenge makes me smile. IRL I saw a Half Dome from Glacier Point and my friend would tell you that indeed the whole area might bother those who don’t like heights. Which I do not.

So that’s all the day-to-day.

S came for a brief visit but she was so tired it was more like the chance to let her catch her breath. Which she needed and I’m glad she could rest here.

And I spoke to my very dear friends V&L! It was V’s birthday and he suggested we set a time to chat for realz and my goodness it was so good to have a real chat! It made me miss days sitting around their table, having a cup of coffee, sorting things through and making each other laugh.

So I 150% need to find time to go visit them.

And yesterday was my friend A’s birthday and I hope it was just her best one yet! 🎂

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