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Yosemite, Virtual and Remembered

The Conqueror recently rolled out a Yosemite challenge. A mere 54 miles. But something I can walk over the course of several days.

I’ve been to Yosemite. I don’t have a picture to easily share; my friend took the photos that day. (Thinks about this. Looks up. Realizes a workaround.)

Pardon the glare, reflection off the frame

The glare on the frame doesn’t do the photo – or the place – justice. My friend and I had a brief but amazing time in Yosemite that day.

My mom has never been and wants to go IRL but first pandemic, then wildfire, now storms have kept putting off our trip. I’ll take mom and dad somewhere else this year and hope Yosemite is in visitable condition in 2024. Time will tell.

But anyway, I’m starting it as a virtual journey. (And yes of course I also bought mom this challenge. She’s explored the map in detail, to see all she can.)