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My bank still can’t seem to figure out how to remove ALL the interest they charged me for being late when in fact I paid on time but they took 8 business days to process my check.

And they keep giving me different stories about how long that will take or what will happen at the end of the month (including one person who tried to tel me not to worry about it – they’d just write it off at the end of the month.

This is a credit card. They don’t write open balances for active accounts off – they charge interest and fees. So now I’m in debate mode.

Do I keep calling and calling and then when they STILL don’t fix it and they charge me interest and fees I don’t owe, report them for predatory fees and hope the few cents they refused to resolve for me turns into millions of dollars in penalties because I’m SURE it’s not just me they are trying to eff over.

Or do I just cancel the card preemptively and be done with it?

I don’t know. It would be way easier to do the latter. I have time to fight with them if I want to, but I don’t need their card or the hassle. I also can’t stop thinking about all the people for whom fees and penalties rack up to something soul-crushing, and who don’t have time in their lives – or in their checkbook – to mess with this.

Between these people and the benefits people who can’t do anything right with my COBRA, I just keep thinking – nothing about this is how a customer experience should feel.

In much better news, Dad’s follow up shows no sign of residual cancer in the biopsy. There’s no guarantees and they’ll keep monitoring, but this is as good as the news gets.

So that’s the ups and downs of todays updates. How’s it going there?

Serenity now!

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