Girls night

Second Beautiful Niece came over for a sleep over.

That’s a low-key set of activities but high-reward. My nieces are very different people, but they are both delightful people. I enjoy their company very much.

So SBN coming to sleep over entailed homemade pizzas and playing cards, movies and cookies and facial masks.

No matter how old they get, my nieces will always and always have a place here where they are welcome. I love having them around. I also know that the years when my nieces will have time to hang out with their aunt, and inclination to hang out with their aunt, are diminishing. The next stages of life will squeeze these times out. And that’s okay. It’s as it should be. I’m excited to watch their lives unfold even as the order of things is that my view is from the sidelines.

But since I know these days are precious, I will enjoy and savor them.

I hope you’re having tender moments and enjoying them while they last. And if you’ve left behind a season – I hope the memory of the best parts of that season is sweet and fills your heart.

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