Too much – and just right

On Jan 12 I had a lot of things happening.

It was a work day. And my dad was having surgery.

Those are listed in reverse order of importance.

Work obviously was going to give way to other concerns. I care about my work and I care about doing it well. But family is family, and my dad is super important to me. As is my mom who I knew would be worried while dad was under. I wanted to be there.

My business partner didn’t even blink. Family is always first, and it isn’t even a question. So that uncomplicated any stress about that.

So I had set it up for me to be my parents’ ride to and from the surgical center, and to sit with mom.

And then the hot water heater folks let me know that I could accept my water heater that same day between 7 and 4 — or not for another week. Conflicts.

Again, I was planned to be mom and Dad’s ride to and from the appointment. The appointment is 20 minutes from my house. The plumbers were supposed to call me before they came, about 30 minutes ahead of their arrival.

So I figured… I’d take them there. Maybe the plumbing job wouldn’t fall during the surgery — but if it did… if my sister was back by then, she would give them a ride home. But worst case, if Sis was not able to get back in time, I could always take them over, then leave my car key fob with Mom and Uber myself home to meet the plumbers, then walk over to their place and get my car back from them later.

But you know sometimes the details are worked out so perfectly you can’t help but see a plan at work?

Because my sister did get home the night before and could be there during the surgery.

Then dad’s surgery got moved up so early that I could not only take them in the dark morning hours but stay there with mom and sis and then get them back home by 9;15 am.

I had a couple of hours to work on the office thing that needed my attention so my partner didn’t stress (which worked out because he unexpectedly picked up some family stuff also) — all before the plumbers called.

And before the work day ended I had hot water at will, and long-overdue home hair color applied, and as I prepared to sleep that night I had laundry and dishes squared away without having to boil water for either one.

So that was quite the day.

But in the end, it was a good day. And I belong to a good God who knew everything that was needed and graciously worked it out better than I could have hoped.

I know sometimes what He knows is best, is not what fits our plans. But I’m thankful on this day that could have been so stressful, He granted peace in every detail.

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