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Virtual Barrier

At the end of 2022 The Conqueror rolled out some new challenges, including one for The Great Barrier Reef.

It came with two length options: 100 miles (great for a walking challenge) or 1317 (for a pedaled challenge).

So it’s a new year and I needed a new challenge… so I’ve been pedaling my little legs off.

Obviously there’s no Street View in the ocean, but the postcards are pretty cool.

The text portion of the emails are, as usual, very interesting and informative also. But they are lengthy — I’ll leave them to you to see for yourself if you want to join a challenge of your own one day.

My walked distances are going to a different, shorter challenge and I’ll share some glimpses of that in a few days. But this has been so pretty and bright, when it’s been so very January here, that I thought you might enjoy.

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