Even More Thankful

I was downstairs, on the phone with S, pedaling my overdue miles, when I heard an unholy sound. A high-pitched alarm sound.

Upon search I almost overlooked the source, but that sound would not let me.

My water heater was leaking. Not good news.

But I had water sensors near it, which alerted me to the problem, so that I didn’t just come downstairs another day to a wet basement. I had those sensors not because of my years in insurance (which should have tipped me off honestly) but because a friend went through a similar experience… and he had mentioned that it’s not a big complicated thing to have water sensors – they carry them at Amazon.

So I had water sensors, to know there was a problem immediately, because of this dear person. And I am so thankful for him.

My brother in law was not far away and could come over to help me cut the incoming water supply and turn off the gas flow and drain the unit so it didn’t keep running onto my floor. He knew what to do, and how to do it, and didn’t mind coming to do it at the drop of a hat one evening when he was finally feeling well enough to be out at all. And I’m so thankful for him.

Once all that was sorted, I put a note out to my contractor friend to see about repairs, and then I realized I have appointments in the morning and a shower would be helpful. Um. Oh…

But my parents live 1 mile away and were so wanting to help out, and here was a way they could. (Actually they offered to let me sleep over if desired.) That wasn’t necessary but to be able to get a hot shower and be clean even though that wasn’t an option at the moment at home? As with my brother in law, I’m so very thankful my family is nearby and that we have a help each other dynamic.

And while I was there I heard from my contractor who no longer does this kind of work but could refer me to someone he trusts – when my mother remembered that I have a home warranty and my water heater should probably be covered. So I’m thankful for my mother, who can problem-solve when I’m too close and temporarily can’t.

And I’m thankful that within 8 hours I had an appointment from their service person and they’ll be here within 24-36 hours of the whole thing started. Fingers crossed for this to be quickly resolved in any direction.

And I’m thankful for S who reminds me that people have had to heat their own water for day-to-day use for centuries so (while cold water wash is still viable and mom and dad will let me use their washer for warm water laundry if needed), in a pinch my stove is just fine and I can heat what I need to wash dishes and such.

So I’m thankful today, even amid the stress of broken household equipment, for friends and family and all the myriad ways that He reminded me that He is here in the situation and He has abundantly blessed me with so many wonderful people who make my life sweeter.