Having a cold (and so far as I can tell, it is just a cold) is no fun. And while I’m not terribly hungry I’m even less inclined to want to cook when I am hungry.

So I’m extra thankful that just before I got sick, I cooked. Doro Wat, Dirty Rice, and Sloppy Joe are all prepared with extra veggies, and in single-serving units in the fridge. Which means I’m never more than about 60-90 microwave seconds from something to sustain me.

I may or may not be in the mood for any of them, honestly, but it’s still nice to have choices. Easy choices.

Doro Wat (Berbere Chicken)

Oh and I also baked bread and made roasted garlic butter for a spread. So it’s a feast for my tired body.

I pray you have sustaining grace and rest today, as well.

Looking when this will post, I will have one more very important thing to be thankful for. It will be the birthday of my Second Beautiful Niece. Love you SweetPea ❤️

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