The time-sensitive task

Upon arriving home after 16 days at sea, there are things that need to happen. There was unpacking and laundry and held mail to wade through and bills to pay and of course checking on whether the COBRA mess had been sorted.

And there was business to catch up on, because my partner was not on vacation just because I was away.

But I also returned the week before Christmas. I left on the morning of Dec 2 and despite good intentions I did not get my Christmas cards out on the first, before I left.

So here I found myself, deeply embroiled in catching up on work but with just a few days to get out my holiday cards.

My family is HUGE. My friends list is smaller but quite precious. There were a lot of cards to send.

But yay me, I don’t have preprinted Christmas cards. I have blank cards and I stamp them with the pertinent holiday message.

Which when I’m doing this in early December is no big deal. Plenty of time, no worries.

When I need them out like NOW, this is a challenge.

So step one was choosing messages and stamping cards because they needed to dry before I could sign any.

My entire table was covered but here’s one section stacked high with drying stamped cards.
The first batch ready to go

By the time I was down to just those whose addresses are suspect (last years card came back, I’m reasonably sure I heard they moved) it was small o’clock but hopefully – hopefully, if the local post office is really on their game – they would make it before the holiday.

I’d done what I could do. Whew!

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