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December 15: At Sea

I missed last night’s sunset. We’re operating on East Coast time, so my dinner reservation fell intersecting the sunset. Alas, so be it. I wanted the early dinner time and the aft dining room; it meant the dining room was as “clean” an area to unmask as there could be, indoors on the ship, having been least used when I get there.

There are only a handful of us masking regularly at all times indoors or in crowded public spaces. But no one makes any remarks either way about it, so it’s fine. I only had one person ask me about it, at an indoor venue where we were crushed together shoulder to shoulder, but her question seemed like genuine curiosity (or maybe concern about whether I was masked because I was sick and maybe she should be giving me wider berth) but not at all a questioning of my choices.

Which honestly is a bit of a victory; on her last trip, S encountered people who felt the need to comment, but she’s a professor and a pediatric nurse who works with extremely at-risk kids. She does not say anything to grown people making their own decisions even if she disagrees with them (unless a child is actively being harmed / needs medical intervention, of course) but she is so over letting people make snide comments to her, or even passive-aggressively “joking” about her in her hearing. She doesn’t fight or shout – I don’t think either is in her nature – but she will be kind yet extremely direct with people who then have the audacity to seem surprised she isn’t going to just let them say whatevertheeff without any response.

I’m glad people here seem to have a live/let live approach to it here. Or at least anyone who is really bothered by it, is just staying away from me, which probably suits us both.


First of: last night.

As we pulled farther from Cartagena, it became more and more apparent that we are in the Atlantic now.

I sailed in the Atlantic once. NY to Bermuda. Both ends of that equation are worth seeing but in the middle, the Atlantic was miserable. It was the only trip on which I felt truly seasick.

I have my seabands on around the clock – including a pair I’ve gotten wet, that I shower in – and I can tell if I didn’t have them on, all this motion would be making me feel cruddy.

Actually, after dinner I went up for my nightly walk, and it was a little rocky and quite windy and kind of glorious out there. But once indoors, away from fresh air? Meh.

Plus the motion sensors in this room are overly sensitive – I wake myself up most mornings because in my sleep I go to toss the covers off and that motion is enough to turn on the pathlight next to the bed. Now with the ocean rolling, I’d already had to remember to close the bathroom door firmly because it moved enough to trigger the motion sensor there. In the Tasman, in the night you’d hear the SLAM of those doors closing from the motion of the waves. I don’t see it getting that bad but storms went through the gulf recently- better to think ahead and forestall that from being able to happen in my own cabin at least.

Oh, and to cover up that pathlight sensor so maybe I don’t wake myself up 2 hours earlier than planned…

Success! I sleep straight through until the alarm goes off, and that gives me 10 minutes to get pulled together before Lester delivers my breakfast.

In the morning the winds have subsided and it’s back to just regular amounts of choppiness. There’s white caps so there isn’t much chance of seeing wildlife from the decks — but it’s also hot and humid so “on deck” is not actually all that pleasant. I’ll have to get my steps in the evening or wandering the interior of the ship.

You know I’ve just realized I don’t know where the gym is on this ship. I’m going to bet it’s somewhere high and forward, and probably accessible only through the spa. This ship has the old layout so that’s likely.

Well anyway I’m unlikely to go scout that out and use it now. I’ve already started packing up what I’m unlikely to wear again this trip, as well as the laundry I won’t be washing again before we disembark. (The sooner I start that stuff compressing in the luggage, the more I’ll be able to fit in later.)

In all, there are a lot of activities going on today as usual and though there have been some days where I could easily pop from activity to activity, today there’s not that much I’m interested in doing. It would be a good day to hang out at one of the pools. Or nap. Or both, but preferably not at the same time. 🤣

Ice cream cup on cocktail napkin
Rapidly melting in this heat

In the evening I get my evening walk and a bit extra to offset the lack of activity in the morning (but I wear out my feet before I actually meet my step goal).

By the time I get back to my room there is disembarking paperwork waiting for me — and I have a momentary confusion about how many days are left.

Two more sea days.

I thought so.

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