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December 9: At Sea

The seas were slightly choppier last night, because of the winds. There was just the slightest movement but for some reason instead of just being aware of it, I felt … like it might start to bother me. How weird, I usually don’t — (looks at wrists, realizes I took off my seabands to shower while we were in port and rushed out to dinner without replacing them).

Ah, that would do it. Sea-Bands back on and a few minutes for them to fight back what I already felt…

Good as new! I round out my evening activities, settle in, and sleep so well and soundly that…

Lester wakes me, delivering breakfast. My alarm was set for 3 minutes later, so that wouldn’t happen. You have to get up early to beat Lester to the punch!

Still, I’m slow moving and it’s after nine before I get to the upper decks for my morning mile. Off to port some small dolphins are leaping about, but they’re not traveling our direction and we leave them behind pretty quickly.

Full size
Zoomed in on the fin

I attend a session on the top 10 cruise destinations- I need an unlimited budget and unlimited time! And I collect the latest Effy charm while I see beautiful blue diamonds (I’d need an unlimited budget for this too – but if I had to pick I’d rather have the trip than the jewels.)

I head up for pizza and bump into one of the other solos. He’s having a small cup of soft serve for breakfast and invites me to join him and all the gang at lunchtime. Which is shortly. And I’ve just had a slice of pizza. But I go down and just have a bowl of soup and chat with the gang.

Afterwards I’m freezing from the air conditioning and go up to the track – but it’s so bright and hot!

The sun on the water is a million diamonds shimmering.

Outside but in shade is the perfect balance, so I go find that.

It’s a bit of a sleepy day. I resist the urge to nap.

I watch sea birds skim along the water beside us, breathe sea air and just generally enjoy the day as it slips past.

After dinner I put away the laundry that’s been returned to me, and then I go enjoy the upper deck again. it feels darker tonight because the moon is darkened. Also we are very far from land and only occasionally does another vessel appear on the horizon for a while.

An orange moon

But it’s pretty muggy. I head back in for the requisite Effy charm and then head to one of the music venues for the rest of the evening.

A good time is had by all!