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December 8: Huatulco, Mexico

I was up too late last night … but I set an alarm so that the breakfast delivery isn’t what gets me out of bed. Instead, I open the door just before Lester knocks. I’ve startled him but he laughs. Today, I’m ready for him!

I drop my laundry with my cabin steward and go up for my morning mile on the top deck.

And you know what? Huatulco is gorgeous!

And all that is even before my midday excursion!

In fact I have time to go join word games where the game of the day is basically a jumble with 6 letters and make all the words you can (or all the words, period) in 10 minutes. The person with the most words – or who gets them all first – wins.

Ahem. Would you like to see my medal? Less than 5 minutes and 2-3 more words than they were looking for. But I admit it was kind of cheating for me to even play. I kick butt at Wordscapes. Still, at the 10 minute mark no one else had all the words so… I was going to win anyway.

For what it’s worth I went to play the Trivia game and only got second place. For which there are no prizes. No worries though – this medal is perfect for me! I plan to add my Princess loyalty pins to the ribbon and hang it on the Travel Tree!

Tiny stowaway: just 1 inch wingspan.
Chillaxing on Lido deck.
Maybe hoping for a slice of pizza before its excursion.

The tour would take us up into the rural communities where we met families, saw handicrafts, sampled local cuisine, and walked through a botanical garden.

Of course I’ve tasted cinnamon and am familiar with cinnamon sticks (which are bark) but today I saw the tree itself. I’ve had chocolate but it was nice to walk under a plant covered in cocoa pods. Green agave, medicinal plants, even the vine that strangles other trees but makes loofas. People tried fresh stevia leaves. It was interesting.

And of course there are ample opportunities to spend a little cash. Only one place takes credit cards here, so my helpful hint is: have some small cash on hand.

We barely made it back to the ship though, so I just had time to get myself showered and changed for dinner. But I skipped dessert so I could go catch the sunset as we headed directly away from it.

So another sea day awaits, before we arrive in another port. In the mean time, I hope to fit in another trivia game, a raffle, a little onboard shopping, and maybe even some laundry.

Busy busy busy!