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December 7: At Sea

In real life: happy Christmas Eve! My family will be gathering for church services and Christmas punch and nibbles and holiday specials and reading the birth story from the gospel of Luke.

Here in the past, I’m still at sea…

And last night’s headache is gone! Hallelujah!

I sleep through, in and out, until a perfectly reasonable time to get up. Perfect.

Again I say: Hallelujah!

It’s so easy to take our health for granted but when it is “off” everything else is also.

I’m awake early – but I’ve forgotten what time I asked for breakfast to come, if I put a time down at all. I was a bit out of it, shall we say.

I didn’t, as it turns out. They call me at 7:15 to see what time I’d like breakfast. The soonest possible from the current time, which is the 8am window.

A light breakfast and a little OTC migrate medication (bonus for extra caffeine) against the edge of the returning headache, and I am up on the upper deck to walk out my first mile of the day. I have the track to myself until almost 9am. A few minutes later I need to wrap up and head to the enrichment session on our next port of call: Huatulco Mexico.

As usual he begins with some information about the Canal because that’s his deepest expertise, and because it’s the big draw of the cruise (at least for most people).

All in all it’s a good session, as usual. After that I go play slots and win a few dollars, then head to Effy for the latest charm and the auction. The necklace I really want it up for auction at 40% of retail price (60% off!) but I still can’t do it in good conscience. I am self employed now, and we are still pending our first actual paying project.

No lottery win = no crazy jewelry purchases.

After that I go back to my room to grab another round of headache meds – this thing really wants to linger but I’m not letting it get big again – and a soda to take up to the pizzeria for lunch.

I really like Slice; their thin-crust pizza is quite good.

I sit out on the open deck for a while…

And then I go to the craft session, where the activity is origami and the theme is Christmas…

My reindeer is not red-nosed.
Or any face at all.

Later I join the singles and solos group before dinner. Lots of nice people on this ship. It’s nice to find more faces to pick out of the crowd every day.

I depart for dinner, then have the track all to myself for an after dinner stroll.

Fading sunset to starboard
Glowing moonrise to port

I get in a little more than a mile then head down to music trivia (where I’m at least in it and having run, if at no real risk of winning) and then collect the last charm of the night at Effy.

Despite my good intentions to go up for music and dancing tonight – my excursion isn’t until the afternoon- the reality is that I’m tired. My headache seems finally really gone but fighting it all day tired me out.

I settle in with a beverage and the laundry form (Elite, yo, gonna try the laundry service) and a movie.

Tomorrow: Huatulco! Tonight: Sleep.