December 6: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This port wasn’t on the original itinerary. Panama City was – now we’re just making the transit. And Nicaragua was, but apparently that port has been cut from virtually all the itineraries. Rumors abound amongst the passengers about whether it’s based on local unrest, COVID, or some combination. (Or you know, something completely different, and probably utterly prosaic, like comparative port costs or something.)

Who knows? Anyway, back to the port at hand…

I’ve been to Mexico but NOT Puerto Vallarta and without this port we’d have had 5-6 straight sea days. That’s too many sea days IMO.

So this is good.

The bus heads us into town, and we start our day walking the Malécon.

We visit Our Lady of Guadalupe church. Her festival is celebrated up through Dec 12, so if we were here in the evening we would see pilgrims coming.

From there we visit the old town, where opals and silver are on offer. Technically they’re on offer in a lot of places but we’ve been warned that what you find on the street will be more silver colored than actual silver.

Then on to the marketplace for shopping and a stop to taste tequila at a local hacienda and have a lunch.

For which we are all overcharged — but despite staying hydrated, the heat has worn me down and I know I need something.

That’s the last stop on our excursion, and as much as I enjoyed it I’m happy to find a dark quiet cool spot for a while after that heat.

Actually it derails the rest of the day. But hours later it’s started to subside and the nausea has passed. I’m thankful for that.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.