December 5: At Sea

Tomorrow we’ll reach Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but today is another sea day and where yesterday I only had a couple of “activities” I wanted to make it to, today I have a whole schedule.

Fortunately I slept well, starting at a reasonable hour, so my breakfast delivery does not wake me.

I’m up in time to make my laps on the walking track before I go to the Puerta Vallarta talk.

I make it to the crafts event where we are making holiday cards.

Sticker Time at
Arts and Crafts

I sit with one of the Singles and Solos ladies, so I also get an invite to join them to lunch. They seem like a fun bunch but I’m very much a three day late-comer, not in the vibe of their set. It’s okay, I kind of have my own pace.

I get free access to the wine tastings now, so that was my afternoon treat; the alternative at that time is Afternoon Tea but I’m never enough of a tea fan and lunch was far too late for a scone so soon.

I tried 4 out of the 5 wines. Cab Sauv is not my cup of tea. Er, not my glass of wine. You get what I mean.

I still made it to all the Effy events. I can’t win anything to save my life – not even a charm bracelet – but it’s fine.

I had time after dinner to stroll another mile up on the upper decks and watch the sun sink.

But I was inside by the time it actually set, because I decided to go see the Elton John tribute show by Donnie Troy in the main theatre.

(I’ve managed to go 5 cruises in a row without making it to a single Production event until now. Usually I’m pretty wiped out. But three straight sea days is plenty to recoup and find time for things.)

After that I won a few dollars at the casino and then joined the TV theme songs trivia game. Which turned out to be a fail because the host brought the UK trivia, not the US version. Not one team got more than 5 out of 20 and most of us just got one: Downton Abbey. The people with 5 won the champagne (and deserved it) but all of us got a consolation prize for the trouble.

All in all, it was fine.

But tomorrow will be an early day in Mexico, so it must be time to wind down…