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December 3: At Sea

The first day at sea is also one for exploring – mostly because I was too tired to do more than basics last night.

But after a good long sleep (supported by the time zone change) I spend the morning – after my coffee and breakfast is enjoyed in cabin – sorting out the in-room soda package I ordered, acquiring a new future cruise credit, applying a gift card balance to my room, and strolling through the very-large-on-this-ship art gallery.

One section of the art gallery.

Also I overhear someone at the front desk asking about coffee, having been charged for it unexpectedly. His question seemed to be about what to do vs getting a credit back. The section below is what I would have told him if he’d been talking to me rather than the front desk and it was any of my business.

For the uninitiated, this is how coffee on board works on a Princess ship in December of 2022:

  • Plain basic coffee, delivered to your cabin as part of your breakfast order: free (included)
  • Plain basic coffee, requested any time in the buffet: free (included)
  • Specially coffees, ordered at one of the coffee bars or after dinner in the dining room: extra charge.

So if you just need basic coffee to live, there’s no need to buy coffee or the coffee package. They’ll give you sugar, sugar substitute, milk or cream as you like, but this coffee is available to you and no extra charges apply.

If you enjoy a specialty coffee from time to time as a treat, by all means, treat yourself, but you’ll pay for them on your folio at the end. If you’re at the coffee bar where everything smells like heaven and even non-coffee drinkers are tempted: that’s paid coffee. Be aware of where you are. They should have the prices listed.

If you really only drink specialty coffee — espresso, cappuccino, latte, fancy makes, fancy brews, etc — and you drink a lot of them, then consider getting the coffee package and have all you want. But for that to be a better deal you really need to drink a LOT of those kinds of coffee. Several a day, at any rate.

If you really want alcoholic coffee (coffee and kahlua, Irish coffee, etc) that falls under the alcoholic beverages package. That’s a whole different thing. Again, base it on what you’ll actually drink in a day to figure out if that package is a good spend for you.

Glad I could help.

Other than the front desk and the eateries, most things don’t get going until 9am this morning. Plenty of time for me to wander up to the “jogging track” such as it is. First it’s too narrow, also it’s too short and too winding to really jog on it. It takes 16 loops to do one mile. And it’s as difficult to get to as it could possibly be. But the views are nice up there:

It’s an easy, casual day on board. They’re just starting to decorate the ship here and there. Poinsettias are starting to pop up around the ship.

Club Fusion getting its first taste of Festive

I visit the casino (breaking even) and the jewelry store (charms for the day collected) and plan to pop into the 80s music party later tonight.

All in all, it’s a good day!