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Virtual Romania: Feldioara

The last thing I expected was for my Conqueror challenge in Transylvania to sync up in any way with the MyVirtualMission challenge I set last year, The Longest Road.

But I received the latest postcard…

And it tells me, to start:

During the medieval era, fortifications were a typical form of protection against raids and invasions. At a time when conquering and waging war was a way of life, kingdoms would build great walls around their cities. Yet when the Mongols tore their way through the Kingdom of Hungary in the 13th century decimating villages and populations, it was clear that the fortifications in place were insufficient to hold the Mongols at bay.

This surprising mention on the Mongols brings to memory that in my now-interminable virtual trek across Russia, I’m now just north of Mongolia:

As you can see I still have a good distance to go on this challenge also.

Sigh. Must keep going though. The only way through it is to keep going and see what unexpected adventures arrive.