Well of course

Let’s recap for the newcomer how many ways the COBRA was messed up:

First they accidentally set up to remove me from my employer Medical insurance 15 days before they were supposed to. That took a week to fix.

Then they fixed the date without first reinstating the coverage they had removed in error. That was fixed in another couple of days.

Then they reinstated the coverage, but messed up the subsidy amount.

That took two days to fix, and yet somehow led to them billing me retroactively for two months at the wrong amount.

They actually couldn’t fix that in the current billing cycle, so they advised me to just pay the correct amount while they fix it. (That is still showing the wrong amount.)

But they accepted my payment and whenever I call they can see (after poking a bit) that I have paid what I actually owe.

Oh but the claim was rejected when I actually saw a provider. Because now they put some kind of hold on my coverage for 7-10 days, so my insurance company says I was not covered when I saw my provider.

Even though every single thing shows I’m supposed to be covered just fine.

Silly me for not foreseeing that there would be another problem. Of course, no one mentioned any kind of hold. But it’s 7-10 days. And it’s not based on 7-10 days from the start of this mess. Oh no. That’s been weeks, and I would have been fine. It’s 7-10 days from when they processed my payment. I didn’t even get a due date – so a hold after payment seems beyond bizarre.

And the payment was itself delayed because they had messed every other thing up to that point.

And is a little extra slow beyond that, because I am not letting them pull the wrong amount of money out of my account every month — because they haven’t been trustworthy on any facet of the process, so NOPE to that.

Good. Grief.

Serenity now!

Here’s a picture from the last nice day we had, back when all this started and I had no idea just how frustrating it would get. Those were good times!

I hope your day has some bright spots and smooth sailing!

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