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Medals, old and new

I have a medal rack. It has 3 rows. I had all my medals from 2020 on one row, 2021 on the next, and then 2022…

Well now that was where it got to be a problem. Because by June I had filled that rack to overflowing, to the point I couldn’t see a thing clearly and the unit was sort of … bowing off the wall. That’s probably not good.

Mid year: Not full yet, but still overcrowded.

So since I don’t really want to keep having racks on my walls, I came up with another approach.

First I thinned out the old wall rack, to only house the first 2 years of medals.

Wall rack, thinned to only hold 2020-2021 medals.

Then I got a 5 foot grid rack for the 2022 medals and beyond. It holds 8 across and the way I have them spaced should hold up to 7 rows. I could hang them tighter vertically but the whole point was to NOT have them so cramped up that I can’t even see them.

2022 medals to date. This rack just leans on the wall in my workout space. No holes in the wall needed.

And having the space to put the medals means all I don’t have to skip those shorter challenges just because I won’t have a space for the resulting medals.

BTW this collection doesn’t include any of the challenges I pedaled. Those are in a different arrangement altogether. And it doesn’t include the Lord of the Rings challenges, also elsewhere.

But it could if I needed it to. So that’s something.