At 7am I wake up, and I don’t know what day it is. This is a problem the last few weeks.

It’s not that I’m sleeping in overmuch – I still wake up for my work day. I’m just confused.

It takes me about an hour to really feel like a person. But the morning rituals followed by coffee get me there.

By 3pm, I’m tired. Like I could put my head down and nap. But I don’t, on a work day. Because work day.

It’s usually after 5 before I’m done (although you know, not always). Then there’s dinner to make and steps to get (coming up short) and miles to pedal (success!)

It’s close to midnight when I’m done. I should sleep now…

After 1am I’m still telling myself to go to bed.

Sometime thereafter, I do get myself there. Eventually.

And then come 7am I’ll wake up, and it all starts again.

A week of this? I’m exhausted.

Dude I have got to get to bed at a reasonable hour once in a while.

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