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December 9: At Sea

The seas were slightly choppier last night, because of the winds. There was just the slightest movement but for some reason instead of just being aware of it, I felt … like it might start to bother me. How weird, I usually don’t — (looks at wrists, realizes I took off my seabands to shower while we were in port and rushed out to dinner without replacing them).

Ah, that would do it. Sea-Bands back on and a few minutes for them to fight back what I already felt…

Good as new! I round out my evening activities, settle in, and sleep so well and soundly that…

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December 7: At Sea

In real life: happy Christmas Eve! My family will be gathering for church services and Christmas punch and nibbles and holiday specials and reading the birth story from the gospel of Luke.

Here in the past, I’m still at sea…

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December 6: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This port wasn’t on the original itinerary. Panama City was – now we’re just making the transit. And Nicaragua was, but apparently that port has been cut from virtually all the itineraries. Rumors abound amongst the passengers about whether it’s based on local unrest, COVID, or some combination. (Or you know, something completely different, and probably utterly prosaic, like comparative port costs or something.)

Who knows? Anyway, back to the port at hand…

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