The printer

You know what would be great? It would be great if while I’m between jobs all my technology would not decide to become a complete pain in my backside.

Like the monitor that won’t connect to the new computer. Nor will the printer. And the maker says they don’t support it any more. I try teinalling but it runs for an hour and gets 95% done and then blip sorry the printer isn’t connected. Oh my gosh YES IT IS.

But FINE, I hate you but I can still use the old computer to print so no big d—

What is with the refusing to recognize paper in the paper tray? What is with the paper jams? What is with the printer heads all going completely wonky and refusing to reset and realign?

What part of connecting to the new computer made them kill the connection to the old one????

I feel ya

Oh my gosh I hate ALL my technology today. This whole week, actually.

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  1. There is nothing like a tech issue to get my BP up. But mercy, multiple printer issues and monitor! Or is it the new computer? Cats and dogs! Grrr!

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