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So the terms of my separation included keeping me on the company insurance through the end of that month, which would have been Oct 31.

The confirmation paperwork arrives and guess what? They effed it up and took me off the policy immediately. Not all of us, mind you — just me. Yippee.

So I call to see if that can get sorted and I’m told it will be a 10 minute wait, or I can keep my queue in line and they’ll call me in my turn.

I take a 2 hour call on my Next Thing, expecting to be interrupted at any moment by the callback.

The callback does not come.

So I call back again. There is one person ahead of me in queue. That person should be ME since they never called me, but I wait. Every minute the recording updates my hold time by another minute.

Half an hour later I have a person. They confirm that it shouldn’t work this way. Clearly a mistake was made. But they can’t fix it, they have to open a case for it. Should take a week. They’ll call me when the case is “reviewed” to let me know the outcome.

Let me go on record that I am not encouraged about the likelihood of getting a callback.

I am not enthused by the idea of being “updated on the outcome” vs “notified when this is corrected.”

So here’s a pile of fail I can look forward to.

Also the next day I find out they messed up something different for one of my colleagues. And he can’t open a ticket; he has to get hold of a person at the company. Which is even harder. Good times.

This might have been how he was feeling when he found out after HIS extensive hold time that they couldn’t even open a case to resolve it.

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  1. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. So frustrating. 😡. People — so called professionals — should not make kinds of screw ups.

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