Fall chores

Come a day that’s not wet, not too terribly cold, and not windy, it’s time to pull out the rake and gather up the leaves.

There’s have been several days like this when I’ve just had #NoInclination but today, with the back yard getting impassable and the front yard – and both of my neighbors’ – covered in the recognizable red leaves from my tree…

Well let’s just say, it was time.

The trees aren’t bare yet but it still needed done. My yard was the only one looking like such a mess. And it needs to be passable for the postman not to trip when he comes through in the evenings.

So I figured it would be easier to do two bags now, all set and ready for yard waste/compost pickup, and probably one or two more later in the season, (and the rest after that left to guard roots and wildlife) — than to wait and do it all at once later.

So that was a good afternoon’s work accomplished.

I must note however that it was a deeply disappointing number of steps achieved in the process. And my legs were sore for two days after.

Wins and losses, I guess. At least the yard looks better. Or did, for like 3 days.

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