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VAL: Moroccan Dishes Revisited (and more)

As I approach the end of this virtual journey, I’m revisiting some of the recipes I liked at the start of this journey.

For starters though, I made some Ginger Beer from Sierra Leone. Which should be non alcoholic but I doctored it up into a Sierra Leone-Barbados fusion rum punch.

It tends to settle so pour small quantities at a time.

Then I once again made the chicken stew with ginger-turmeric rice, and some sweet potatoes with ras el hanout.

Mom and Dad enjoyed it (though Dad is not a fan of sweet potatoes in general and this was no exception). Still it was a hit and Dad assured me he would have this again. Though maybe he’d leave the sweet potatoes for mom.

For dessert I made another batch of Algerian stuffed dates and a new approach to a cookie that was very loosely based on the Kaak Warka I made for Tunisia.

All in all it was a nice meal, shared happily with family. And pulling in all these past recipes felt like a nice celebration of the challenge as a whole.

Which is almost but not quite finished….