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Cake soup

Cake soup is what happens when you make a cake and accidentally put twice as much water as called for, and don’t realize it until it’s way too late to just double everything else up.

This should look more done than this. Also toppings went in late which is good because otherwise they’d be on the bottom

Through the oven window it looks like it’s okay but then one goes to take it out of the oven an it… waves. Sloshes, even.

So um… nope. That’s not yet food.

In the end the cake did cook and it tastes fine but is a little off texturally. Kind of like it partially steamed rather than baked. Which is true.

In the end it has more of a dense texture like a very moist pound cake than the super fluffy version I’d have if I hadn’t started with cake soup.

Still it’s cake, right?