It’s two weeks until Election Day here in the USA. In some states, early voting is underway. Or vote-by-mail ballots have been delivered and need to be returned soon. Or there’s two weeks to make plans for in-person voting.

Have you voted? Are you planning to?

Nothing gets better if we don’t make our voices heard. Things here will only get worse, if we don’t take part in making the world into the kind of place where we want to live this life. – The kind of place our children and grandchildren will inherit, and what challenges they’ll be faced with.

Today is the seed of tomorrow.

No, it won’t be perfect, because nothing on this side of heaven is perfect.

And it may sometimes feel like not enough progress happens — systems and approaches that were put in place with other sensibilities and priorities and that have had hundreds of years of layers of gunk built up with time, are only too likely to take long slow frustrating and uneven progress to change for the better.

Even so… it’s important that we try to change what we can, for the better. We can only rub all the patina of rust away if we work at it, and do not throw up our hands in disgust and give up.

So if you legally can vote, please do. Let no one stop you.

I’m not telling you who to vote for. I don’t know where you are or who is on your ballot.

But with all my heart I hope you’ll vote for democracy. More than for a person or a party… vote for America.

I hope you’ll vote.

My mail-in ballot is in… so I did.