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On Sailing

From the old ships to the new ones, I miss the library, and the night club. I miss the Wake Bar and the signature circular pool at the back of the ship. I liked multiple pools (sometimes even an indoor and outdoor version, excellent for Alaskan, Scandinavian, and Antarctic cruise itineraries – or for poor weather).

Rear of the Sapphire Princess (2019). But if taking out the round pool is how they make room for the jogging track at that end, it’s a good trade. A very good trade.

But on the new ships, I like the more central shops, I vastly prefer the centrally located gym (not tucked away behind the spa), and OMG it’s absolutely a game-changer to have a walking/ jogging track up on the upper decks that’s actually enjoyable to walk on, and not a tiny 50-pace loop around the putting green.

I like the hot tubs not only clustered around the poolside but scattered down the decks so you can be as part of – or apart from – the action and hoopla as desired. I like the retreat area that’s accessible without again being tucked away guarded by the spa.

I like the pizzeria up on the deck (sometimes called Slice) and the soft serve ice cream (with names like Swirls) at the opposite corner, serving ice cream by day and the popcorn for Movies Under The Stars by night.

Basically I find a lot of things I like on some of the ships. If I can find the ship layouts I like at a price I can afford on an itinerary I can’t refuse when I have time available to go…

Well in that case you’ll know where I’ve gone. 🤣

I’ll be gone sailing