One Door Closes

It’s official. Seventeen years and just under one month after I started my career at the company, it ends.

The last of my equipment going back to the company. So now it’s real.

What finally made it feel real? When I went to bed and I didn’t have to locate the work phone to put it on a charger. That’s been part of the nightly prep for as long as I’ve had a work phone. Ten, fifteen years?

But on we go.

New opportunities are being pursued, in any number of other directions. Applications elsewhere are still sent out, even as a business plan is in the works.

I don’t know what comes next.

That should be making me nervous.

It’s not — or at least not yet.

I wouldn’t describe the feeling as peace exactly but it does surpass understanding.

I dearly thank everyone who has been surrounding me with prayers and support and contacts and advice. It really is so appreciated.

Next things next… up up and away