Too interesting

A severely time laggged post

If something happens at the school behind my place – say for instance a bomb scare occurs – apparently I live in the red zone. Care to guess how I know that?

Also it turns out the device wasn’t at the school, but in a vehicle parked across from the school. So, you know, basically right on the street behind my place.

Six hours later I could finally return home. #Thankful I have family nearby so I had somewhere to go. #Thankful my house was still here when I got back. #Thankful no students were injured in the incident.

But it was a little too interesting.

All this on the heels of my job being eliminated (#Surprised), my manager (also leaving) really really wanting us to go off on our own (#RiskVerse), multiple friends going through multiple major Life events, and you know … the world just being floopy.

Too interesting by half.

Here’s pics of the daylilies from this summer …because when I took it I was standing pretty much feet from where todays excitement was happening