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Virtual AT: A hard push

Actual date: August 28. As I get just a bit behind the 60% mark, I get just a hair across the NJ/NY border also.

I’ve set myself a ridiculously challenging artificial deadline for this challenge, so discovering that I’m only 60% of the way is a bit unnerving.

But my artificial goal is that I finish this before I get on a ship again. Which I was scheduled to do on September 24. So I have to make tracks.

Actual date: September 2, into New England. That’s just a hair over 70% of the way. I’m on track but only just… This is going to be tight.

Actual date: September 6. At 77% I’m near Killington, VT. Been there, done that. Still over 440 miles to go.

Actual date: September 8. I cross virtually into New Hampshire, and pass the 80% milestone. A tree is planted for me by The Conqueror, while I gotta keep going.

Actual date: September 13. At 88% I realize that this week I crossed over into Maine, the final state on this trek.

Still 219 miles to go.

Actual date: September 20. I beat my self-imposed deadline by 3 days.