Hold up your phone. Note how wide it is.

Now imagine a Halloween-decoration worthy spider that is as wide as your phone.

Now picture it wandering across your living room floor, not 6 feet away from you.

Now be thankful if you happen to have a means to hand, to rid your life of said nightmare without, you know, losing sight of it and leaving this horror wandering at will.

Not my spider … because mine did not live long enough for a photo shoot.

3 thoughts on “Gross”

  1. My house will be burned down to the ground within seconds. Or the for sale sign will be up within hours. Nope, nu uh, I have a phobia where anything with 8 legs are concerned. Terminix makes good money off of me -they come out every few months to ensure that I do not meet up with these creatures but alas, ever so often one does make it inside and the other half has to take care of it a.s.a.p. 🙂 You are a brave brave woman.

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      1. I’m so pathetic that I cannot even stand the Halloween decorations. The other day we went into a fast food place and there was spiderwebs with about dollar sized spiders all over it, I politely declined to move any further, Lavi had to get my order and we sat outside. It’s embarrassing but not something I can control. Blech!


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