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TLR: The Last Border

That makes it sound like I’m close to the (virtual) end of The Longest Route (TLR) but in fact I’m just 54% of the way there.

Over 6000 miles remain in this trek, but virtually speaking, I have passed the final border crossing.

Apparently late yesterday I (virtually)
crossed into Russia

I don’t think I’d have chosen this trek, with another 6000+ pretend miles before me, until I “reach” Magadan, Russia. Especially had I known then what leadership of this country would be visiting upon its neighbor.

But here I am even so. Virtually though it may be.

So I have a long way to go to cross over to my end point. Much of which shouldn’t be expected to have street views.

The current one does, though.

Bleak much?

Anyway, I’ll just have to muscle through to get to the other side.