Transit Back to the Grind

Now that I’ve worked through all my prescheduled flotsam to cover my “away” time, here’s the real news, now on a lag.

The plan was to take the red-eye home. Try to sleep en route. Land about 2 hours before my work day. Go into work tired but committed to catching up.

That was the plan. Despite the negligible amount of sleep I was actually able to get on the plane – IMO sleep should be measured in hours, not minutes – it still is the plan.

But the grind is much less grindy because I recently found out that my position is being eliminated. My last day is in 2 weeks. Actually most of my department is being let go; this includes my own manager. And much of the comma group. About a dozen of us in all.

All this while the company is – like every other company – short staffed. (Shrug).

But I’m watching those left behind also process what for many, being in all cases younger workers, seems to them (if not us) as a surprising lack of loyalty from the company. I’m watching them already decide as the sands shift under them that they aren’t sure they want any part of this new organization either, of the new “leadership” style, and no intention of the 3 of them doing the work of the 12 people that have been let go, for no anticipated additional benefit. They were already stretched thin, for abysmal or nonexistent annual raises.

As one said to me, I’m already looking also. I get the sense they expect me to just be so grateful I kept my job that I’ll fall in line and do my entire team’s work alone. I can’t do it, and I’m not going to stay, for no more money on offer.

So while I really don’t want to see it go that way, for the company or the individuals, I think for the people staying and for the functioning of the department, things are going to get a lot worse before they can get better.

In time the company will build it back into something else. And that’s fine. Time does what it does.

As for the teammates staying and going… they (we) will work through it and land in a good place eventually. Time does what it does… and God is good, He is faithful.

In a bit of gallows humor since I already knew by that time what was happening — it was kind of fun to get called into the 15 minute conference call to be let go, and be able to start the conversation with the department head, in response to her “Good morning” with “Nice to meet you.”

That’s right. She hasn’t bothered to meet any of us in the 6 months she’s been here.

My last words on that call were to ask how to transition projects that will still be active after my last day, or how to direct people making new research requests. She has no idea. She had no plan in mind for that. She does not care because she inherited us as a team and has never bothered to understand what we do or for whom.

If she had, I think she would have transferred us elsewhere in the org. That’s what we were all braced for.

I guess none of that is really my problem but I actually care about my work and my clients, and I hate they are being left high and dry.

Meanwhile, as for me personally— I’ve had 2 weeks and a short already-planned vacation to feel all the feels. And I’ve been through all this before. I know it happens. It’s only that I’m now a bit older on the market. Still., I’m putting out the feelers and applying to new positions. All while I close out projects as best I can.

So that’s the news for me. And it’s not even the most important news that’s happened while I’ve been in a time lag.

One friend passed away following major surgery. One friend lost her beloved mother. Another friend scattered her mother’s ashes. All were women of deep faith who I trust have been enveloped in the eternal joy of His presence and are forever in His tender care.

And after that a series of massive hurricanes struck Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Florida, bringing destruction and death in their wake — and the latest was creeping north bringing further if mercifully somewhat less damage up the East coast.

Lord have mercy.

So – perspective.

2 thoughts on “Transit Back to the Grind”

  1. I am so sorry this is happening to you. Your current company and department head sounds terrible. I’m sorry that your clients whom you’ve built up a relationship and trust is going to feel the burden of all this. I’m sending all the good thoughts and prayers your way to land softly on your feet. XOXOXO

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    1. Thanks Isabel, that’s sweet of you. I’ll be fine, really. And my clients will be too Things will sort. But I will happily accept all good thoughts and prayers for the right new direction for me. 🙂


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