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September 27: Disembark & Tour San Francisco

I set alarms just in case I overslept, but I need not have worried. I’m up early. Even after doing my daily puzzles, Duolingo lesson, more puzzles and getting dressed, I’m not even close to the alarm time.

Plenty of time to go get coffee and some breakfast, and take some photos of San Francisco in the dark of this cool predawn morning.

Last views from the Royal Princess before I gather myself up to disembark

The disembarkation process goes smoothly – the waiting is the hardest part – and in short order I’m routed to my tour bus to see the highlights of San Francisco before we head to the airport.

The tour takes us through a brief history of SF and then we stop to see (optionally: walk across) the Golden Gate Bridge. This is not my first time seeing it, but it’s still fun to explore.

Golden Gate Bridge

Most of us are not walking it so we make another stop on the opposite side of the bridge for photos and pickup of the handful who did.

Then we wind our way into sleepy Sausalito, where the haze that rests over San Francisco is lifted to reveal a beautiful sunny day.

Back to SF we stop at the Ferry Building to buy our lunches. Those of us flying out later are advised by both the tour guide and the airlines to plan for food now if we will need it later. (There’s a strike of food workers at SFO. So we will plan to eat elsewhere.)

Looking out from the Ferry Building

That’s our last stop – then we are headed to the airport. My flight won’t be for 5+ hours so I’ll have a fair amount of time to get checked in, sorted out, and read my book.