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September 26: At Sea

I keep waking up in the 4am hour, but that’s the time zone change messing with me. I put myself back to sleep if I can; I do my Duolingo and word puzzles if I can’t.

Breakfast arrives promptly at 7 am, and after it I head up to the jogging track for a while. A foggy haze surrounds us. It’s damp for walking but warm enough as long as one keeps moving. Which I do.

Gray this morning

If whales are out there, we wouldn’t be able to see spouts against the gray and haze of the sky. They would have to be breaching. This I do not see.

I head back to my cabin (better luck next time) and am in time to get my disembarkation details for tomorrow. Then I’m off to get another fancy coffee drink.

Salted caramel latte

Another Effy charm is collected, the shops browsed, the casino visited (up 3 cents), and upon the return to my cabin, I win another $25 on-board credit. Well that’s non-refundable so I need to shop or convert it in the casino. Outcome: I gave $5 of it back at the casino, but have cash in pocket. The better to slip a little something to my cabin steward.

A light lunch at the buffet, and then I put in another mile up on the jogging track. Still overcast, and still no whales. These skies mean I probably won’t be able to see Jupiter tonight.

Also… It’s chillier than it was. Maybe I need a warm beverage.

The afternoon slips by. I watch a movie, collect another charm, get more steps, change for dinner. I grab a glass of wine in the piazza while I wait for the final Princess Prizes drawing. The live music is pleasant. I know musicians on cruise ships are a different category as compared to crew. I wonder what kind of life it is.

Not that I have literally any musical skills, for it to matter.

An update comes out. Canada just lowered their travel restrictions. On the one hand it will be easier to travel generally, which is good. But the last reason to make COVID testing a standard requirement to board a cruise ship just went down. After this they’ll just pretend that being vaccinated is some kind of magic that means you can’t be carrying it on board.

I timed this trip right. It’s a shame I’m getting to Elite status just as cruising stops being a thing I feel good about doing.

I don’t win the big raffle (of course I don’t) but that’s fine. Next I’m off to the Crown Grill, the other specialty restaurant I chose for this trip.

I’m at the first seating but they’ve put three singles side by side in the first few tables. Not as distanced as I’d like – last night they put the other lady and I at opposite corners of the room. It’s not like there’s not space to spread us out.

Still that means we can hear the spiel together as we make our dining decisions.

My choices: prawns to start, salad, prime rib and the warm chocolate mousse trifle to finish.

By the time dinner is served the restaurant is busy – I can only see a handful of open tables from one end to the other. Our servers Darwin and Daniel are unfazed by the bustle.

I have the appetizer and think – this is good, but I don’t think I’d pay extra to eat here for it.

I have the salad and think – this is VERY good but I still wouldn’t pay extra for it.

Then the steak comes and I totally get why people pay extra to dine here. Oh my goodness. Especially if you’re on a long cruise and the menus have started repeating in the main dining rooms.

The dessert is just okay, but I mean how bad can mousse and gelato be, really?

All that’s left after dinner, a text chat, and one last charm to collect — is packing and bed.

And that’s that!