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September 25: At Sea

My TV will not register that I’ve watched the safety video. After three times, I could hold a class on it, and I have suggestions for improvements. I called down before I went to bed because the system won’t let me do anything else until I watch the video. They say they’ll put in an overdrive.

Instead, overnight I get a passive-aggressive note from the Captain with all the info from the security video in it.

PS: in the section about onboard health they don’t even mention masks as an option. Not even in the part about if you’re sick, cough into a tissue or the crook of your arm. Dude. Also wear a mask; keep that sh*t to yourself.

Jesus Lord God, it’s not that hard.

Also the Princess Prizes on my door panel are not working. Not sure why, but I have to have that looked at. (Update: they sent someone to check on it; it’s now working and I won $25 on-board credit this morning).

But for all the ups and downs — it’s a bright beautiful morning on deck, and the mocha is delightful.

Morning off the Pacific Coast
Mocha as a treat, courtesy of the drink package. Honestly I just wanted something with the ship rocking so much today.

The seas are rougher than they’ve been on our previous cruises this year. Not as bad as some I’ve been on, but I’m thankful for my sea-bands!

Later in the morning I go up for another walk and in the distance but pretty much all around us are whale spouts! Occasionally we see one of the whales, but too far away to really come out in the photos.

Spouts barely visible

Otherwise it’s a leisurely day. I go to arts and crafts, and a trivia game. I watch Encanto in the Princess Theatre. I get all the charms for the Effy events for the day, but don’t win any raffles. And I try the fancy Italian restaurant.

Usually I wouldn’t use the specialty dining — between the dining rooms, the cafe and the buffet, there’s more than enough options to not pay extra. But the package I took included 2 meals in specialty restaurants and this is one of them.

And it’s great! I normally wouldn’t order spaghetti for dinner “out” – spaghetti is easy to make at home and is often both expensive and disappointing when you pay someone else to make it. But in this case it’s absolutely delicious, perfectly al dente, and it’s the exact right-sized portion to be a taste before the main course.

I actually only barely tasted two of the minis – one was custard (egg, bleah) and I basically just ate the berries off the other. But the chocolate hazelnut praline ice cream Rocher thing and the tiramisu were both phenomenal. Thank heavens the portion was just a taste!

After that I finished up my steps and a movie, and my day at sea was ready to come to a close.