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September 24: Transit and Embarkation

I’m up ahead of the alarm. Just as well, I might as well get myself going. And going.

In short order I have a disappointing cup of coffee (machine is on its last legs, apparently) in my travel cup. My ride (Dad) is on the way, and so am I.

It’s a small plane to Toronto, the first leg of my trip. They check my bag through to Vancouver. I would rather it were gate-checked so it would be in my own care. Trust is not my long suit. I have a personal item the size of a purse. I would prefer not to live out of it, if that can be avoided.

I get through Canadian customs and then manage to clock myself getting out of the ladies room. “Ran into a door” seems so implausible, and yet here we are.

But I have a leisurely connection, and land safely in Vancouver. Though I’m in the aisle seat, I do get a glimpse of the cloud-wrapped mountains as we prepare to land.

I collect my bag without incident. And find the Princess connection. She’s just been about to give up on me, because the airline has told her I was not on the flight.

Um, what? I would understand “we don’t release passenger information “ but not completely false “not aboard”

Anyway, the bus has left although I’m not even the close to last person to get their bags from the flight but she puts me in a taxi, and then I’m en route to my ship.

But at last I do get to the ship and can get myself settled in and start exploring.

Sea planes in the sunset