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Here we go again

Look, I am just one solo cruise (or two shared-cabin cruises) from permanent Elite status on my most-frequent cruise line.

Length of that cruise: Immaterial.

And so the shortest cruise I could take (not counting the 2 day options that would be Awesome if they didn’t also require longer at both ends just to get to Australia) was three days from Vancouver to San Francisco.

The best (most careful) anti-COVID guidance still applied to ships that go to, from, or through Canada – so that makes this viable. (The cruise line just lowered standards in a bunch of other places leaving Canada one of a few lines with appropriate health standards (update: Canadian restrictions soon to be dropped) and that means I’m going to reach Elite status only to mostly give up cruising as a vacation option for a while. Sigh.)

The airfare wasn’t terrible, and the cruise was even less than that, even single-occupancy.

And I only needed one vacation day and one floating holiday. Which was pretty much all I had to spare.

So yeah. I’m planning to be cruising without port stops. Just three sea days. And I’m trying out the Premier package, which is overkill and I totally would not try it for a long cruise (I don’t — I can’t believe anyone — drinks enough to make it worthwhile.) But it also includes the specialty dining which I otherwise wouldn’t try. And a couple of other perks. So why not, if it’s only a few days?

Anyway, that’s the plan.