In the office, and not

The night in the hotel is a mixed blessing. I didn’t have to drive the trek back and forth on successive days. The hotel was kind of a pit. I slept poorly. When I did sleep, I dreamt, and those dreams were not all good.

Except the last one. The last one meant seeing my New Jersey family, even those that aren’t in NJ anymore.

And that was just a balm for my spirit.

As planned, I was up and out of the hotel and to my desk in the office at my usual pre-7am time. Only needing 1 mile to get there was nice. Not as nice as rolling out of bed and down the hall … but not the worst. 90 miles each way is the worst, and I’ll still have to do the back half of it today.

Meanwhile at the office I’m … not sure why I’m here other than to get my badge swiped. There is no one here to meet with. There is nothing here for me to do that I wouldn’t be doing exactly the same from my home office.

Not there long though. By lunchtime I’m in transit, getting gas – wow the prices are so much better than last time I was here – and back home to plug back in.

So all of that was a huge waste of time. And effort. And gas.

But whatevs. At least I missed the rain.

And also… update that arrives weeks later? I won’t be doing this much in the future.

But more on that later.