To the office

First note: I didn’t do the whole drive in one day. There’s a hotel less than a mile from the office – it’s been my backup plan if I ever get stranded up here in weather.

I’d had my shingles shot on Saturday and it wiped me out on Sunday and I could not imagine trying to do a full work day plus 3.5-4 hours on the road.

And S and I had some things to exchange while she’d been visiting her dad. And I really really couldn’t envision doing the drive on back to back days.

So I used points and reserved a room. That would mean I could meet S the night before, then already be near the office, up and over there bright and early without getting up before 5am and driving 90 miles, and skedaddle out midday having done my on-site duty to finish the work day at home.

We have got to get me switched to officially working at home, full time. This is too much.

But anyway. I usually love this chain (or at least the family of hotels this chain belongs to).

But this one. Well it needs an update. Desperately.

The sign for my room number was on the floor.

There’s barely any outlets to plug anything in.

The sink leaks.

The rug feels ever so slightly … clammy.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Well thank heavens it was points, not money. And not a terrible number of points. And it’s just the one night. This is definitely for emergency use only.

Well, good to know. I guess.

Glad I brought Lysol wipes.