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VAL: Two years in

I’ve officially been working on the Virtual African Loop (the custom solo mission I created via MyVirtualMission.com) for two years.

In fact, today is Day 1 of Year 3.

So it seems like a good time to summarize the cumulative progress! (In real time, sans any post scheduling lags. So if you notice any leaps ahead, consider that a sneak peak!)

Original route of the VAL. Subsequently updated to add a loop through Israel and Jordan from Egypt.

So how is the VAL challenge coming along, two years in?


According to the map, I’m “in” my 27th country.

27 countries, including Israel and Jordan

In total I’ve covered 17686+ miles, or about 91% of the trek. So I’m considerably ahead of the 3-year deadline now, if I stay on pace. In fact, I’m aiming to complete the challenge by the end of 2022, rather than at the three-year mark.

Fingers crossed, legs moving.

Two years down. Just a (relatively)
little bit farther to go.

I’ve also tried 41 new regionally-inspired recipes – seven or eight of which are now staples around here.

All in all, I think it’s coming along pretty well, don’t you?

Goals, ya know.

Am I the only one who creates bizarre and outlandish goals for themselves? Have you ever decided to do something “just because”? Let me know!

Whatever you’re working toward – for your body, mind and/or spirit (and perhaps of a less semi-random sort – I wish you progress along the path, and milestones to encourage you on your way!