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VAL: Entering Libya

At 86% of the way around my virtual challenge around the circumference of the African continent, I find myself at the border of Libya.

Crossing a new border means I get to research locally inspired recipes. I have a bit of time though, because Libya is a large country, and I’ll be following its extensive coastline for quite a while before I reach the virtual border of Tunisia.

Libya is one of the last three “new” countries on this journey, not counting my re-entry / return to Morocco, which is where this all began.

It’s always exciting for me to be reaching a new milestone on this trek. My original plan was to see how far I could get in 3 years (hint: based on steps alone it would not be very far). By adding pedaled miles not only is the three-year mark in reach, but I’m on track to beat it by several months.

So that’s kind of weirdly encouraging, right? Lord willing, we can do more than we think we can —so let’s not give up.

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