September 6

I think of April as the month full of birthdays. April positively hums with them.

But it’s just a few days into September and it’s feeling like there was a birthday every day so far. Al, of course, though he’s no longer 40. Karen, a few days ago. Cousins now and to come, friends now and to come…

Today would be Fred’s birthday. Which is kind of what stopped me in my tracks. Sure I could post the latest virtual postcard (hey, things to look forward to tomorrow).

But today is Fred’s birthday (and quite a few other people’s) and though we didn’t always see eye to eye, I don’t forget.

We lost Fred more years ago than I can count. He beat cancer once, but not twice.

Guys, cancer is evil. And evil is cancer.

But as I said that was all long ago. Fred and I had our ups and downs in our friendship. He made me so mad, and he made me laugh. I remember both about him. And I remember his boys, who I am sure are also thinking of him.

Happy birthday to my friend Fred. I hope we meet again one day, in the next life.

And also a big happy new job to Mark. I hope Team MarTar is very happy in the new digs.