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August 12: Le Havre, France (for Paris)

Though for us that will be a visit to nearby Honfleur.

We debated taking one of the 10-hour Paris excursions. The Louvre, or Versailles, or Mont St Michelle. But at 3 hours each way, on a bus full of almost-certainly unmasked people, that didn’t seem wise. Besides, how do you CHOOSE one thing to see in Paris?? No, Paris needs days unto itself. We’ll come back, for that purpose.

So today we go to Honfleur, much closer to our port in Le Havre. It’s France, and it’s historic, and it’s beautiful.

It’s a hot day to be walking around town though. It’s 86F/30C in Honfleur. This is still better than the 96F/35C in Paris, but it’s hot enough. We’re worn out pretty quickly. Un peu de glace et un boite de l’eau, ça suffit.

Then it’s just the scenic views of Normandy as we make our way back.

Honestly though, I nod off on the bus and S needs a nap as well. It’s simply too hot to function today.

I wake up 10 minutes before our scheduled dinner. We have time to visit the loyalty desk, then at dinner we enjoy our final night with our dining team. There are prepaid tips that go to everyone who has served us, but if we want to tip anyone a little extra for special service, this is our chance. We have also taken photos of name tags throughout – when Princess sends their survey we will be sure to call out excellent service by name.

Otherwise it’s just a question of finalizing my packing. I don’t know how I got everything here but somehow I need to get it all back again.

Okay maybe not everything.

Anyway, it’s been another wonderful trip. We’ve seen amazing places, on excellent excursions. The seas have been generally smooth (or at least not problematically choppy). The Captain, crew and staff have all been wonderful.

So that just leaves disembarking and the long trek home. Things to look forward to… tomorrow.