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August 11: At Sea

No ports today. The ship is now on Paris time, and anyone who forgot to reset their clocks until we cross the time zone line and they reset automatically, is late to everything.

I’m running late but it’s because S left with my shoes last night. (We both have the same brand of little black shoes and when she popped into my cabin she was barefoot … but she forgot that and so she wasn’t barefoot when she left.)

I finally slip on my only other pair of (wrong for this outfit) shoes, just to get breakfast.

There’s a culinary demonstration at 10am.

It’s funny and informative and one of the waiters sings. And he’s very good.

There’s a lot to choose from today; presentations, music venues, arts and crafts, sales events, and the ubiquitous casino.

S was out all night at the casino and her FitBit didn’t sync to the new time she set on her phone, so she sleeps in later than expected. I grab lunch, go to crafts, walk around, then grab a book and a shady seat on deck, to while away the afternoon for a bit.

It’s a pleasant day at sea. It’s warm and sunny on the sun deck, where the pool is hopping, games and music are happening, and the kids are having a blast. In the covered shady areas it’s pleasant and occasionally even cool. At the next pool over, away from the music, the hot tubs are the place to be.

In the evening, there’s the Captain’s Circle reception.

Captain’s Circle Reception
The Captain
A lovely sunset at sea tonight.
A pink moonrise