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August 10: Queensferry (Edinburgh), Scotland

We gave serious thought to Not going off ship today. We’ve had a lot of port days in a row (which I love usually) and excursions every day (again, that’s generally fine as well) but they’ve also all been early mornings. And often, all day-ers.

We’re tired.

And we’ve both been to Edinburgh.

But the ship pulls into port late due to a medical emergency that delayed our departure, so it wouldn’t have been so early after all.

And it’s a tender port. Water shuttles, not a dock. Which means they are making announcements all over the ship starting before 8am.

We are not sleeping in, after all.

But we got breakfast, pulled ourselves together, and grabbed tender tickets. Not together, but S got off first and by the time I got across she’d figured out where we meet the bus and that it was just £10 each for the round trip from port to city. That gave us enough time just to walk down Princes Street, snapping photos of Scott Monument and the National Gallery and Edinburgh Castle and St John’s … and well, we saw a lot with such a little time.

In all it’s not the longest visit – it’s a bright hot sunny midday and we have neither the time nor the energy to really do such a beautiful city justice. But it’s our second visit, both of us. Not long enough but enjoyable for a pop in.

Then we catch our bus back to the pier to shuttle to the ship.

Emerald Princess looking deceptively small on the far side of the bridge from the pier

It was another good day and tomorrow is an at-sea day so we can sleep in for real. In theory anyway.