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August 8: Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland

The forecast was for rain and cold all day. But by the time the morning rolls around, it’s pushed off to midday or later. Our tour only runs to 1:30pm, so this is promising.

The Orkney Islands are green and windswept and beautiful.

We do get rained on, while we’re at the standing stones, but it’s still a nice outing and not too cold.

Then back at the ship it’s laundry day and unfortunately we are not the only people who decided to do it after their morning excursions rather than on the sea day.

But it’s otherwise a leisurely afternoon. We take care of some shipboard errands and chillax until dinner, then watch Scotland drift by as we sail away. S continues her lucky streak, winning a few cents in the slots, plus a little something on a scratch ticket. Lucky Lady! 🙂

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