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August 6: Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland

For those who want to ride across to Edinburgh for the Tattoo, that’s an option. S and I are scheduled to see the Highlands. A bit of a timing misunderstanding rushes our breakfast but we get to the tour on time to hop on our bus for a rainy day in Scotland.

Loch Lomond

The gray of the day makes all other colors pop and the grasses, mosses and flowers are brilliant by comparison.

It’s a fine misty drizzle but it’s steady. I didn’t have room in my suitcase for an umbrella but I have a lightweight rain cover (read as: human sized plastic bag) if I need it.

The upside of rain: waterfalls abound
Inveraray Castle

If the castle looks familiar it might be because it’s the house where the Grantham family (Downton Abbey) visited Lord and Lady Flintshire in the Highlands one Christmas.

Or maybe because this manor house looks like the quintessential image of a castle.

In general it was a delightful day, though if between my bus mates and the gentleman who might have been being moved into quarantine but was put in on an elevator with us, if I don’t end up with COVID, I think that’s a miracle.

Dessert for the evening