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August 3: Cobh (for Cork), Ireland

I wake up at midnight. I’m so off time it’s crazy. But by 1:30am I’m falling back to sleep. Plenty of time to get some rest before we grab breakfast and meet our tour at 9:45am.

Today: Blarney Castle

And yes, I did.

A terrifying experience
A beautiful day!

Afterwards we shopped the Woolen Mill and then came back to see the Cobh Heritage Center which tells the Queenstown story. Queenstown being the former name of Cobh (pronounced Cove) including its place in history as relates to immigration, prisoner transport, the final (successful) port of the Titanic, and the Lusitania.

My paternal ancestors (apparently) left from Cobh in the 1800’s during the famine years, and went to Canada before making their way a couple of generations later to the USA.

By the time we returned to the ship it was just time to clean up and head to the restaurant for dinner.

From the deck

If we can stay up, maybe we’ll try the casino. Or the Effy raffle. Or both.

Or maybe I’ll be asleep because excursions meet at 7am.

2 thoughts on “August 3: Cobh (for Cork), Ireland”

  1. Did you feel the gift gab or of great eloquence or skill at flattery ? Or just terror at hanging upside down ?!? 😊 So glad you are able to travel again !

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    1. Terror. You can know there’s a grate below you and you’re not going to fall, but you can’t see it and you’re barely on an edge. Not fun! (But not going to get that far and NOT do it)


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